Facilitation refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting. The Rupert Group Facilitators concern themselves with all the tasks needed to run a productive and impartial meeting. Facilitation serves the needs of the group in its decision-making. It does not lead the group nor does it try to distract or entertain.


The facilitator takes on the task of researching the meeting before it happens. Finds out what is the purpose and goal of the meeting (if any). Establishes who needs to be there. Draws up a draft agenda and shares this with the potential attendees, changing it as necessary. They ensure everyone is fully briefed for the meeting, knows why it is being held and what is at stake.

They then run the meeting, taking care that it stays on the agreed agenda and keeping an eye on the allocated time. They ensure agreements are recorded with an agreed phraseology. They may also note unresolved issues for later debate. The facilitator may write up and publish the results of the meeting to everyone concerned including those who could not attend.

Facilitation Benefits

  • Outside perspective free from organizational interference.
  • Targeted efforts that stay focused.
  • Decisions reached more quickly with much less negative dissension.
  • Participation by the whole group.

The Rupert Group consultants assist leaders to achieve results through focused facilitation.

We provide

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
Meeting Facilitation
Off-site Facilitation
Intervention Facilitation