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This past summer, my wife and I attended a concert by the band Lifehouse. It was a great show from a music and entertainment perspective. Lead singer Jason Wade is an iconic band lead, standing front and center, guitar slung low and belting out lyrics that evoke emotion, feeling, and presence.

As the songs progressed, and Jason solidified himself as the “lead” vocalist and front man of the band, it was clear who was in charge and the leader. Then a change occurred. The band had a hit single in the tune “Wrecking Ball” and that song began. I noticed that the bands bassist Bryce Soderberg was taking lead vocals on the song. “Of course”, I thought, “this did not sound like Jason Wade on the radio”, it must be the bassist’s song and indeed it was.

But….where was Jason Wade? I could hear his guitar being played, but he was no where on the stage. What Jason had done is what so many leaders struggle to do in providing successful leadership to their teams and organizations. Jason was off stage, giving Bryce the spotlight (literally) and letting him bask in the public success of his song. Jason continued to support Bryce by playing his guitar and providing backup vocals from back stage. Only near the end of the song did Jason emerge to finish and to announce Bryce’s success.

As a leader, is it all about you, or are you willing and able to give your team and organization the credit that it earns through their hard work and dedication? Can you relinquish the spotlight and share the glory and success with others? Leaders that can share the reward and recognize their team members are rewarded tenfold with loyalty, dedication, hard work, and a reputation for great leadership.

We all read about the bands over time that implode from their own success with egos and big money getting in the way. Organizations are not far away from that analogy. Do you want to be the leader of a band that implodes despite (or because of) it’s success, or do you want to provide stable, shared leadership that will last over time.

My hope for you is that you will learn to lead like Jason Wade and learn to share the spotlight, if not give it all to your team.

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